OUTDOOR FURNITURE, JATISARANA MULIA OUTDOOR FURNITURE MANUFACTURE  and EXPORTER based on Sinanggul, Mlonggo, Jepara, Central of Java, Indonesia. Furniture manufacture that is managed in a modern and based on environmental sustainability. Having been legally incorporated since 2001, has an FSC and SVLK certificate in the implementation of furniture production. Wooden and Rattan outdoor furniture is the main production of PT. Jatisarana Mulia furniture manufacture and exporter. Experienced since 2001, we have experience in the production of wooden furniture. Teak wood from forest plantations in Indonesia, especially from Java, was chosen as the main raw material for production. Given the quality, hardness and performance of teak wood which is very suitable for making outdoor furniture. Besides outdoor we also produce Indoor furniture if there is a request from the customer.
Jatisarana Mulia, outdoor furniture manufacture and exporter
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Jatisarana Mulia Furniture Production

Jatisarana Mulia wants to build a long-term business with every consumer, especially the re-sellers, because of that we are very concerned about product details, especially those related to the quality of production. production quality includes size quality, construction quality, and performance quality. The quality of size, size plays an important role in ensuring that furniture produced can function properly and is easy to use. The quality of construction, for furniture, especially chairs and tables, small tables must have a strong constancy, because it will withstand very heavy loads when used. quality performance, related to the artistic and beauty of outdoor furniture design. the same is true for the Rattan furniture ranges, considering that rattan durability is weaker than teak wood.
Besides the reason for the strength and performance of good teak wood. One other thing that makes teak wood the best raw material in making furniture is the durability of teak wood from the attacks of weather, insects and climate. the hardness level of teak makes teak wood very resistant to insects and weather and climate in the long run. Jatisarana Mulia furniture manufacture, strictly supervises the production process starting from the slashing log stage to the packaging process before the goods are delivered to consumers. we want to make sure only the best products and in accordance with requests that will be accepted and used by consumers. The production and team work experience that we have is what makes us stay in this business.

Jatisarana Mulia Outdoor Furniture Bussines

Jatisarana Mulia furniture manufacture and exporter company also participated in efforts to preserve the environment both globally and environmental conservation around the company. Carry out the rules of production in an orderly manner in accordance with the rules of the Indonesian government and international standards of furniture production. Jatisarana Mulia Furniture Manufacture and Exporter also participated in improving the socio-economic community around the location of the company. thanks for come and joint us at Jatisarana Mulia homepage.